Chips Challenge 2 Wiki

A railroad track can only be entered and exited from an open end of the track. A player cannot step onto the track from the side, or step off once he/she is on. Plus, you can't turn around, you have to keep going forward. Any attempt to move will take you forward. The Rail Road crossing sign can be picked up to allow the player to ignore the track and walk on it like regular floor. Track can be layered to make track crossings and junctions:


Junctions can be any combination of the six track pieces. A player can choose which track to travel at a junction. The last one traveled on will be displayed on the top of the junction stack.

Track junctions can be converted to track switches by adding the switch marker. This will cause only the top track piece to be available. All others will be shown in red. When this top piece is stepped off, it is moved to the bottom and the next piece in the pile is brought to the top. If only two pieces are layered, this has the effect of just switching between the two parts.


With more, it gets more complicated. The order of rotation is:

Track order of rotation

Whatever piece is put on last in the editor is the one on top at the start of play.