Chips Challenge 2 Wiki

This is the nemesis monster. It can go on dirt, gravel, and just about anywhere the players can go. It picks up keys and tools. Its movement mimics that of other monsters (i.e. the ant, centipede, fire box, etc.) and changes periodically from one type of movement to another. Rover's appearance changes with his behavior. When he is red and yellow he's going his own way. When he is blue he turns into teeth, chasing Chip and running from Melinda. When he is purple he turns into timid teeth, chasing Melinda and running from Chip.

All monster behaviors last for 32 rover moves, except for teeth behaviors which are more complicated.


  1. Red Teeth (flashing red & yellow/cyan)
  2. Glider (red & yellow dots rotate slowly clockwise)
  3. Ant (red & yellow dots rotate quickly counterclockwise)
  4. Pink Ball (flashing red & yellow/yellow & red)
  5. Blue Teeth (flashing pink & black/red & yellow)
  6. Fireball (red & yellow dots rotate slowly counterclockwise)
  7. Centipede (red & yellow dots rotate quickly clockwise)
  8. Walker (flashing pink & black/cyan)