Chips Challenge 2 Wiki

The Random tile is a bug in the cc2 editor that is accessed by clicking on the black space at the bottom of the item selection side of the window. If done successfully it will do one of two things:

1. Crash the game. Don't worry, it won't break the game, you just have to restart it. 

2. It will put an item similar to the one seen below in the paint pot.

Random tile bug

Note: To do this, make sure the window size isn't above 1X!

These items do some weird stuff in the editor, given that it is a bug. These items may have a random sprite and a random set of properties.  

One of the main tiles that is created with this bug is a "repeat tile." Essentially it is the way that the cc2 engine displays a tile that dosn't exist. It appears either as a blank floor tile, the letter tile seen above or one of the variations below. When an object moves on it, it's sprite is repeated many times over on the square.  

Some of the random tiles that the editor has created appeared in the paint pot as follows:   

Cc2 editor bug tiles


Those items appeared on the map and in game as follows:

Weird thief = red button.

Weird walker tile = up force floor.

Not canopy= variation on the repeat tile.

Lettered tile = repeat tile.

Dark canopy: a canopy that has panel walls underneath it causing it to be inaccessible. Can be created in the editor by hand as well.

Weird chip in water : a variation on the repeat tile.

Ice corner : a blocked no slip ice corner that has weird exits. You can only enter through the left, top and right and you can only exit through the right, left and bottom

Forward chip : a non moving chip who kills you on contact.

Tile selector : a variation on the repeat tile.

Some times it simply places an already existing tile on the map that performs like normal. What this shows is that the item in the paint pot in this bug is not necessarily exactly what will be placed on the map.

Try to click on other parts of the black area to see what different tiles are created.

Experiment with this bug and see what happens but don't use it in official sets without telling people.


This weird sprite places a repeat tile on the map.


A custom floor tile of Chip swimming that was created by the editor bug. It cannot be destroyed by a bomb and bombs leave no fire behind on it.