Chips Challenge 2 Wiki

A level can have as few as one player, or as many as will fit. To complete the level, all players must make it off the level. If there is more than one player in the level, a key may be pressed to cycle between the players. A split screen option also exists within the editor on a per-level basis.

Chip and Melinda have slightly different abilities. Chip can walk on dirt or gravel, while Melinda is blocked by both unless she has the dirt boots. However, Chip slides across the ice unless he has the ice cleats, while Melinda walks on ice just like on normal floor. Red teeth follow Chip and flee Melinda; Blue teeth follow Melinda and flee Chip. Chip can infinitely reuse green keys while Melinda can infinitely reuse yellow keys.

If there is more than one player in the level, the active player in each view is highlighted to make it more visible like this:


The left screen has Chip as the active player while the right screen as Melinda as the active player.