Chips Challenge 2 Wiki

In Chips Challenge 2, there are several file formats used, and each one serves a different purpose.

c2h and c2s files deal with the save data for which level you are on and scores.

c2m files contain the data for individual maps. The is the file format the cc2 editor saves in. It is not equivalent to the Chips dat file format or any of Tile Worlds file formats, as c2m files are individual levels, not level sets. Click here for more info

c2g files are text files that handle level set operations. They contain the information on the level order as well as what music will play during a level or script sequence. It can be opened in any text editor and the format is easy to understand. I have even created a program that will make a c2g file for you by having you select levels and music and adding in your own script.

To convert Chip's dat files to c2g files, use dat2c2g made by Chuck. You can download it here.