Chips Challenge 2 Wiki

Note that a CC2 level can be anything up to 100 x 100 squares. If used at the maximum size, this is much larger than a CC1 level. This could be used to make some mazes especially difficult. It can be either a square or a rectangle and boarders of are not needed.

Blocks aren't for only pushing around.

  • You can push more than one ice block at a time, there can't be any dirt blocks in the line of ice blocks you are pushing.
  • Ice blocks turn into water when they hit fire, or when fire boxes hit them.  Fire boxes do not fall in the water they make when they first hit the ice block.  Ice blocks burn up when touched by a flame jet - by either being pushed into one or being on one when it is turned on.
  • Dirt blocks turn into ice blocks and vice-versa when pushed onto a transmogrifier.

Also, when blobs go into transmogrifiers, they turn into any monster(except yellow tanks). Nothing turns into a blob.

When designing levels sets, all of the information is script contained in a notepad file. This scripting language specifies the order of levels (including the MIDI file you want to play for each level). You can also insert special story messages anywhere you please. The game figures out which level number you are on based on the order specified in the script.