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Chips Challenge 2 is finally on Steam. I have copied Richard Field's cc2 information that was on his site in the 90's regarding the game. It is continuing to be updated by myself and other fans.

Chips Challenge 2[]

After Chuck Sommerville created Chip's Challenge 1 in just ten weeks, Chuck spent two years creating Chip's Challenge 2. However disaster struck, on finishing the development, Chuck found the trademark had been sold and the new owners wanted him to fund the publishing. Having just spent two years working on Chip’s Challenge 2, Chuck couldn’t afford this so with colossal personal sadness Chip’s Challenge 2 wasn’t released. 

Twenty-five years later with fans pleading with Chuck to release Chip’s Challenge 2 and nearly five years of negotiation with the trademark owners, Chip’s Challenge 2 can now finally be released in all its original glory with every unseen level and game element.

List of Levels and Designers in the official set

CC2 Element Picture Map: A detailed explanation of each items use in the game.

Designer Notes for CC2

Introduction to the Chip's Challenge 2 game

CC1 and CC2 element similarities

File Formats

Chips Challenge 2 Level Set Maker

Most of the information on this site has been taken from an archived copy of Richard Field's Chip's Challenge 2 page. His current page can be visited here.

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